Borderline Personality Disorder Centre for Excellence

The Government has announced that a Centre of Excellence for the treatment of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) will be opened in Adelaide, South Australia. In recent years, BPD has been blamed as the cause of death for several suicides in young South Australians. People with BPD often have difficulty regulating emotions, demonstrate impulsive behaviour, and suffer low self-esteem.

There are currently 68,000 people who live with the condition in South Australia and who often struggle to find the appropriate services, support, and treatment. In addition, the InDaily has emphasised the stigma surrounding BPD and the discrimination people with BPD face by some health professionals. The cost of BPD in terms of social, health, and lost productivity, has been calculated to be more than $300 million per year in South Australia according to Health Minster, Stephen Wade.

The new centre aims to meet the needs of people living with complex and serve BPD by providing appropriate support and treatment. Some of the services will include a housing and employment service for people with BPD and also a program for people at risk high risk of developing the condition. Adelaide Psychiatrist Dr Martha Kent, the clinical lead at the centre, has said that the centre aims to take on a holistic, respectful, inclusive, and culturally appropriate approach when working with clients and their families.

The new centre will be set up on 100 Greenhill Road, just outside of the Adelaide CBD. Given that the new centre is on multiple bus and tram routes, and is close to the Adelaide CBD, it is hoped the centre will be easily accessible for people with the mental health conditions, and their careers.

Following refurbishments, the centre will open mid-2019.


Image from Unsplash by Samson@samsonyyc

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