Christmas gift ideas that are thoughtful and inexpensive

It can be fun buying gifts for the people we care about at Christmas time, but this can be challenging when you have little or no money to spend. There are many ways that we can give thoughtful gifts on a limited budget, and here are five ideas on how you can give great gifts without spending too much money.

  • 1)Organise a friends and family night. Gifts are nice, but spending time with those close to us is something that will always be remembered. This can be done on a budget – rather than buying a present, ask each person to bring a small plate of food along with them to share with everyone.
  • 2)The Magic Carwash. This gift will need to be given around Christmas - rather than specifically on Christmas Day - but it makes a thoughtful gift that anyone who owns a car will love! You will need to have access to the car keys, but other than that, it is as simple as giving the recipient's car a wash, polish, vacuum, and detail or deodorise. You can leave a note on the dash to let your person know that it is a gift from you!
  • 3)Bake something as an edible gift. During the holiday season, receiving delicious bakes treats is even more special than at other times! Baking is a true gift from the heart and is relatively inexpensive. You could bake up a big batch of cookies, and divide them up into little gift boxes with tags. Who doesn't love homemade biccies?!
  • 4)Housekeeping gift vouchers. Does your partner, flat-mate, or grandparent have a household chore that you know needs to be done? Offering to help someone with doing something will only cost you the time it takes to do the job! Offering to do something like clean, run errands, or fix something could be invaluable to an older friend or family member who is unable to do the job themselves.
  • 5)Create a family photo CD or DVD album. Turn your much-loved photos of family or friends into a disc that they can watch. This can be very special for older people who may not be technologically savvy. Turn your pictures into a visual photo album that they can keep forever.

As the old saying goes, it is the thought that counts, and although it's easy to become swept up in the Silly Season and all of its materialistic temptations try to remember that the true meaning of Christmas is in being present with your loved ones, rather than buying them presents!

There are so many ways to give someone a gift when you have little to no budget. Spend some time thinking about something that your person enjoys or needs, and you will be able to come up with something that they will love. 

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