How to cope with anger in healthy and safe ways

Being human means we experience an incredible and diverse set of emotions. Some emotions are rich and fulfilling, such as the amazing feeling of achievement after finishing a huge assignment or perhaps the overwhelming feeling of utter joy when you see friend after a long time. Other emotions may not be so pleasant such as the heavy and intense feeling of fear when you are feeling anxious or the crushing feeling of being disappointed of when something doesn't work out the way you wanted it to. As humans, we often become good at recognising how we are feeling and better yet, we also know what we need to help us cope.

For instance, when we are feeling sad we know that perhaps we might need a hot cup of tea or a call to a caring friend. When we are feeling scared we know that perhaps we might need to wrap ourselves up in our biggest and warmest blanket and put on a funny comedy movie. But what about when we are feeling angry? What do we do then? This question got us thinking because although we know the healthy and safe outlets for expressing other emotions, feeling angry can be a scary and overwhelming thing. Often, we may not know how to process this heavy emotion. That is why we thought we would suggest some healthy and safe ways of being able to express ourselves when we are feeling angry.

  • 1.Grab some ice-cubes out of the fridge and chuck them onto the ground outside
  • 2.Rip up some old newspapers or magazines
  • 3.Listen to some fast-paced music and dance along
  • 4.Bang some pots and pans together
  • 5.Bite into something with an intense taste e.g. lemon slice or chili
  • 6.Exercise
  • 7.Put on some heavy shoes and stomp around
  • 8.Scream into a pillow
  • 9.Flatten aluminum cans
  • 10.Play a sport like handball or tennis (or even bouncing the ball off a wall)

Remember, feeling angry sometimes is a normal part of being human. However, if you feel that you are always angry or your anger may be causing harm to yourself or others, then it may be time to reach out for support. If you would like any more tips or support surrounding managing anger please contact LETSS at 1800 013 755 

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