Staying Warm in Winter

With the colder days and rain upon us, the kind of clothes we wear make a big difference between an enjoyable outing and a miserable icy adventure. However, with these handy quick tips, you will be able to stay warm regardless of what the weather throws at you.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in several thin but warm layers can be much more effective towards combating the cold compared to dressing in one thick layer. The multiple layers will keep you better insulated and also allow you to strip off the extra layers once you reach your destination.

Insulated shoes

Insulated shoots are a great way to keep your feet warm. Look for shoes which have wool or synthetic lining to keep your toes toasty. If possible, avoid shoes with a cotton lining – it absorbs the moisture and keeps the moisture trapped.

Wear a hat

Having something which covers your head can help to retain body heat and also keep your ears safe from being bitten by fierce winds and colds.

Gloves or mittens

Our fingers can be very sensitive to cold weather which is why it's so vital to keep them covered and protected. Gloves and mittens are an awesome and fashionable way to keep our hands cosy.

Stay Dry

Although it's sometimes impossible to avoid getting wet, there are certain things you could to try and minimise getting wet. For instance, wearing a top layer that is waterproof such as a rain jacket can be useful to keep the underneath layers dry.

Gum boots

As well as looking fun, gum boots are a great way to keep our feet waterproof and insulated. Another great benefit is that they allow us access and trek through places covered in mud or puddles. Bunnings sell some affordable and study gum boots at the starting price of $22. r


Umbrellas are the obvious solution to keeping dry during rain. However, sometimes if the water droplets don't dry properly, the rain can transfer to our clothing whilst we carry our umbrella. To avoid this, shake your umbrella vigorously before entering the house and also place the umbrella close to a heater or a fan.

Keep it Loose

 Although wearing tight clothes may seem like the obvious option to stay warm, it has been shown that looser clothes can also be beneficial. Wearing looser clothes compared to very tight clothing has shown to be better for insulation and allows for more movement.


Though it might not keep you warm, sunscreen can be useful during the winter months. Despite the cloudy days and lack of sun, the UVA's rays can be still be strong during winter and cause damage. Remember to slip, slop, and slap even on those cooler days.


Hand warmers are a useful and effective tool to stick in your pockets to keep your hands warm. These can be purchased from most outdoor/camping places, chemists, and department stores.

(Image from Unsplash by Rupert Britton)


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