The Small Things

They teach us young the things worth living for

The big things in life to make us want more

Like buying a house or getting a promotion

Having a baby or getting married to show devotion

These are things that we strive to achieve

Because this is what will make us happy we believe

But what about the smaller and simpler things

And the happiness and joy that it brings

Like singing along loudly with the radio

Or watching your pot plant finally grow

Just like falling asleep in fresh warm sheets

Or simply indulging in your favourite treats

Just like viewing a beautiful sunset

Or cuddling up with your pet

The first sip of coffee when you wake up

The satisfying feeling of a good house clean up

The feeling of making someone laugh

Or scrolling through your old photographs

Its feeling exhausted after a good workout

It's listening to your favourite music to chill out

It is the feeling of laughing till your muscles hurt

It is the first bite of your favourite dessert

The big tight hug from a loved one

The feeling of helping someone

It is a long movie marathon on a rainy day

The feeling of waking up on your birthday

It is the sound of crackling firewood

It is the feeling of finally being understood

It is the joy of getting the window seat on the plane

It's the fizziness of the first sip of champagne

The unexpected compliment from a friend

The build-up of finally reaching the weekend

The first step taken into a hot bath

It is discovering a new hiking path

It's the silence after a long busy day

The feeling of finally finishing your essay

It's the smell just after rain

It's rushing and just making the train

Trying delicious new food whilst dining out

The feeling of finding money you forgot about

There is big things in life and there is small

And those smaller things are also important to recall

Sometimes they can't be seen but they can be felt

And often those things are the most heartfelt

-LETSS Peer Worker 

(Image from Unsplash by Lalu Ziad)

Just listening

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