“You’re not special” says my psych

Now I know you're probably thinking – how can a psych say that!? However for me, this was one of the most helpful things she has ever said to me.

We were talking about self-care. You know, enjoying creative activities like painting and craft, and I said to her… "But isn't it just a bit INDULGENT!? Shouldn't I be out saving the world!?"

She pleasantly smiled and calmly said "What would you tell your clients?"

And of course I said "I'd tell them to do ALL the creative activities! I'd tell them to do the things that they needed to feel good about life and feel well and cared for!"

And this is when she delivered her "You're not special" bombshell.

And it clicked. Why are our expectations of others so different to our expectations of ourselves? None of us are special. None of us are above this thing called self-care. None of us are above needing nourishment and creativity and activities that keep us well. None of us are too good for that!

So I encourage you, please go forth and feel your 'un-specialness' and treat yourself like you treat everyone else. Encourage yourself to:

  • -Paint that picture
  • -Eat those delicious strawberries
  • -Read for 4 hours straight
  • -Sleep in on Saturday
  • -Engage in activities that nourish you

Do what you need to, to feel well because there aren't any special rules for you. You're just as deserving as everyone else. \

(Image from Unsplash by Dan Gold) 
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