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Interview with Judy Burke, Founder of Borderline Personality Disorder Carer Support Group: "Sanctuary"

​Q & A with Judy from Sanctuary: Caring for a person with Borderline Personality DisorderRecently, one of our peer workers sat down with Judy Burke, founder of BPD carer support group Sanctuary, about her experiences of being a carer for someone living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Q: Thanks for speaking with me today, Judy. Would you l...
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Myth 1: People who have BPD are attention-seeking and manipulativePeople who have BPD are often viewed as being manipulative or attention-seeking. However, this is often not the case or intention. When someone is intentionally manipulative, the person deliberately seeks to manipulate someone else to gain what they want. However, a person with BPD o...
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