Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS)

The Lived Experience Telephone Support Service, or LETSS, is a South Australian resource offering free afterhours phone and web chat support, available every day from 5 PM to 11:30 PM, including holidays. Whether you’re seeking information, guidance on navigating mental health services, or just someone to talk to, our team is here for you. At LETSS, we provide follow-up support such as scheduled callbacks, welfare checks, and help connecting with other services.

    Who can access the LETSS service?

    Anyone within the metropolitan Adelaide community can access LETSS. This includes:

    • Individuals dealing with mental health issues
    • Carers and family members of people with mental health conditions
    • Anyone seeking information about mental health services or needing emotional support

    Our services are also extended to friends and carers, offering them support and information.

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      Our Team

      Our staff are uniquely qualified, consisting of individuals who have personal experiences with mental health challenges or have cared for someone with such conditions. Trained in various fields like social work, psychology, and counseling, our peer workers use their lived experiences to empathise and provide genuine support, ensuring a safe space for you to share your concerns.

      How We Are Funded

      LETSS is supported by the Adelaide Primary Health Network, an initiative by the Australian Government aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of primary healthcare services in our area.

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        Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our services. You can share your thoughts during your call or chat, or send us an email at

        Getting Support

        Peer Mag

        A Mag developed by the LETSS Team to help you stay well

        Self Help

        A range of self-help resources to check out when you need

        LETSS FAQS

        LETSS FAQ's

        Answers to your questions about our service