Self Help

The team here at LETSS have developed some self help resources

Daily Schedule 
It can be helpful to write up a schedule of activities that you can do today. A daily schedule can be motivating if you are feeling depressed – it can help keep you active. Likewise, a daily schedule can assist if you are feeling overwhelmed – it can help you plan and prioritise. Remember to put in at least one self-care activity each day!

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Gratitude List
Sometimes it can be helpful to think about all of the things that we are grateful for in life, no matter how big or small! We might be grateful to pat our dog, drink a tea, or have a nice conversation with someone. List all of those things that you are grateful for.

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Positive Data Log
A positive data log can help you to rebalance your thinking. Write down all the things that are positive in your life at the moment. When you are thinking negatively or unhelpfully, it can be helpful to read through your positive data log to help to balance your thoughts.

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Self Compassion Journal
Try keeping a daily self-compassion journal for one week (or longer if you like.) In your journal, write down anything that you felt bad about, anything you judged yourself for, or any difficult experience that caused you pain. (For instance, perhaps you got angry at car that pulled in front of you or perhaps you were short with your friend.) For each event, use mindfulness, a sense of common humanity, and kindness to process the event in a more self-compassionate way.

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Warning Signs and Triggers
It’s important to notice when life starts becoming more stressful or you start to have trouble coping. A good way to do this is to notice what warning signs you can see at the time and begin to implement strategies to get you back on track.

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Wellness Toolbox
A wellness toolbox contains all of those things that help keep you well. You may decide to get a physical box and place things inside such as your favourite movie, pictures of you and your loved ones, helpful phone numbers.

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